Gettin' Hooked on the Cape Cod Canal

Let me tell you a tale about the day that I caught a 26 pound striped bass from a slippery mussel bed along the rocky shores of the Cape Cod Canal… Whether you fish for the fun of it, the fight, fresh food for dinner, or you make a living from it-adventure always awaits you! Super Early Sunrise = Successful Cape Cod Canal Fishing I’m not always an eager early riser, but I’m willing to get up with the birds if it means wandering off-the-beaten path for a beautiful seaside sunr

Wander to Wellfleet Cape Cod for Wellness

Wanna wander to where the earth crumbles to the sea? Then I’ve got a travel tale that will tempt you to explore a path to peace- of-mind that you’re sure to find in Wellfleet on the dunes of Cape Cod... Wellfleet is home to my favorite shores to explore when I want to wander where all my worries wash away as I play in the waves on the tide’s time; where every-day chaos is drowned out by the calming sound of the pounding surf. The rhythmic ebb and flow of nature soothes my sou

7 Tips to Manage Working from Home

Got a job or side hustle that affords you the freedom to work from home? Then you know that the struggle is real. As much as we may claim it beats being stuck behind a desk, there’s still a lot to consider when it comes to staying self-motivated when you're basically your own boss. Take it from this wandering mermaid, despite my Instagram posts, the reality is--I’m not always traveling around without a care in the world. There’s actually a ton of working from home involved.