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5 Mermazing Eco-Friendly Local Goodies

What if I told you a tale about how we can work together to protect our marine friends and family so that we can all swim happily ever after while we wander from sea to shining sea?

It is truly our duty as mermaids to pay it forward by teaching our little mermaids how to reduce their carbon fin-prints.

Join me on a mermaid mission to preserve our oceans and protect our playgrounds!

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

It’s as easy as changing just a few daily habits; bringing your own reusable bags to the supermarket and PLEASE stop buying single use plastic water bottles! Not only will you help eliminate tons of trash that’s literally killing our underwater-world, but you’ll feel fin-tastic learning how to turn trash into stylish, useful treasures.

Let’s unite in a #MermaidMission to make mindful, eco-friendly choices that help reduce our environmental fin-prints so that we leave nothing behind but memories; travel tales of mermaids making waves and saving oceans all over the globe.

Here’s a few of my favorite Cape Cod eco-friendly finds to help get you started. You can easily click on any highlighted link or featured photo to purchase a product listed below.

I hope you’ll help turn the tide on trash by rockin’ reusable, reef safe, recycled goods!


1. All-Natural Tick & Bug Spray by Karen’s Scented Soaps: Put an end to those pesky bugs (UGH! those no-see-ums though) with this alcohol-free, hydrating botanical-mist bug spray in a sleek eco-friendly aluminum bottle. It’s handmade with passion, care, all-natural ingredients, and SIX essential oils! #AllNaturalBugAway

2. Aqua 512 Hair Pomade: Manage your locks and get beach beautiful mermaid hair with chemical-free, protein enriched, all-in-one natural hydrating hair pomade! This unique pliable formula can be restyled and washes out easily-it’s perfectly designed to fit every mermazing lifestyle. #ChemicalFree

3. Coastal Chart Totes & Clutches by Couture Planet: Make a statement in these super stylish and unique bags made from recycled newspapers. Chart your own course and choose a custom map designed to show-off wherever you love to wander in the world! (MY FAVORITE BAG EVER) #RecycledTravelFashion

4. Mermaid Reusable Aluminum Water Bottle: Toss single use plastics like straws and water bottles and opt for something reusable. From the gym to the beach, keep your drinks cooler in a cute aqua Official Mermaid Gear water bottle. #NoPlastic

5. Slyk Shades Wooden Sunglasses: Pay it forward with your purchase of eco-friendly eyewear by Slyk Shades. Check out their exclusive mermaid-inspired collection of handcrafted, ebony wood grain, polarized UV protection, with super cute colored AND mirrored lenses. The "Mermaid" and "Beachcombers" are my favorite because, duh--they are fabulously layered with genuine abalone seashells! #SlykChick

Not only are Slyk Shades super sustainable, they are also a reflection of one man’s mission to turn his struggles into a success story. On the inside of each pair you’ll find an engraved inspirational quote to remind you that no matter how rough the seas may be-- just keep swimming!

Pay It Forward

Purchase a pair of these fabulous mermaid must-have wooden sunglasses and you’re not only contributing to youth Mental Health Awareness initiatives, but you're literally planting a tree in California!

Your Slyk Shades purchase pays it forward with a donation to the One Tree Planted program designed to ensure that all you’re leaving behind besides your fin-prints... is a TREE! #SlykFam

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Use Code "JustBeachyJenny" at checkout

Sea Ya Soon,

-Just Beachy Jenny

Your Friendly Neighborhood Wandering Mermaid

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