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6 Spectacular South Coast Sungazing Spots

If you're stuck in the house plotting trips and planning travel adventures just to get through this dreary month of March, then you've stumbled upon my blog for a good reason.

I've about had it with the freakin' freezing forecast, so instead of complaining about it on social media I'm forcing myself to find creative ways to beat the last of these winter blues.

Allow me to be your ray of sunshine on an otherwise sh*tty sleeting Sunday here in New England. Read along as I serve you a big healthy dose of Vitamin D...and Sea!

Here's a few of my favorite year round spots where you can either wake up early AF for sunrise or wander out after the street lights come on and catch sunset. Either way, cheers to some spectacular South Coast sungazing locations! (Even if you gotta chill in your car with the heat on blast because the arctic air legit hurts your face.)

1. Little Harbor Beach, Wareham

You'll twist and turn down partially paved Little Harbor Road until it dumps you right in the town beach parking lot revealing 360 degrees of open ocean views. The lot is huge and usually pretty empty off-season, but if you're planning to visit during peak tourist season then you'll have to be a town resident and/or know somebody who knows somebody. (Wink Wink)

My favorite part about Little Harbor? If you plan your visit on nature's time and catch the sunset during a full moon, don’t be surprised to see the tide rising up to the parking lot--an added bonus for this wandering mermaid!

2. Padanaram Harbor, South Dartmouth

Padanaram is a National Historic village located in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  This charming piece of South Coast heaven rests along the Apponagansett River also known as Padanaram Harbor or Apponagansett Bay. Grab yourself a cone of ice cream nearby at Dockside Ice Cream and choose your personal sungazing spot. 

I like to watch the sunset by the harbor port as the colors of the earth illuminate all sorts of beautiful and unique boats nestled together for the night.

3. Fort Tabor/Rodman, New Bedford

Just minutes away from East Beach (another frequent favorite) awaits the National Historic Fort Taber/Fort Rodman military base and public park located at Clark’s Point in New Bedford.   If the weather works with you, then try standing on the pier looking through the binoculars. Watch in awe as the sun sets over Buzzards Bay and the Elizabeth Islands, creating a postcard perfect setting. 

There's something really special about this historically rich reservation...probably has to do with all the legendary travel tales attracting veterans, visitors, and historians from all over the world. Take a moment to silently pay respect to those fallen soldiers who fought for our freedom.

4. Little River Bridge, Dartmouth

Discover your own path to a peaceful sun setting over the salt grass marsh. Take in the panoramic view of 525 acres of publicly accessible open space at the head of the Little River estuary, which juts out into the Little River, to the Cornell Farm to the east and the Frank Knowles/Little River Reserve.   

The sunset over the bridge creates a picturesque scene to snap a shot fit to frame for a lasting memory or even a souvenir.

5. Westport Point/Horseneck Beach, Westport

Westport Point is a beautiful coastal historic village located on the peninsula formed by the Noquochoke River (East Branch of the Westport River) and the Acoxsett River (West Branch of the Westport River). Grab a beach blanket and head down to one of the most coveted (and crowded during peak season) sandy beaches on the South Coast, Horseneck Beach

Watch the sunset over the ocean and listen to the rhythmic sound of the waves crashing onto the shore.  If you visit during the summer then you'll most likely get the added bonus of watching colorful sails keeping up with the seagulls in the sky... and maybe even a catch a surfing sesh!

6. Cape Cod Canal, Buzzards Bay

Of course I saved the best for last!  My absolute favorite South Coast spot to watch the sunset is undoubtedly the candid canal.  The Cape Cod Canal is an artificial waterway that joins Cape Cod to mainland Massachusetts. It's about a 7 mile long paved path perfect for getting your body moving while breathing in that salty air.

Walk, cycle or rollerblade along the canal jetty or relax on a bench and observe the ocean current change direction every six hours. The Sagamore and Railroad bridges are visible from the Buzzards Bay canal entrance. 

I love to catch the train bridge drop down and the dinner train ride on by. It's also usually the first spot I take my friends from out of town when they're looking for a killer Instagram destination while on vacation!

Feel free to share your favorite sungazing spots in the comments below.

I hope this post helped inspire you to get out and explore the shores for a slice of South Coast serenity by the sea!

Sea Ya Soon,

-Just Beachy Jenny

Your Friendly Neighborhood Wandering Mermaid

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