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7 Tips to Manage Working from Home

Got a job or side hustle that affords you the freedom to work from home? Then you know that the struggle is real. As much as we may claim it beats being stuck behind a desk, there’s still a lot to consider when it comes to staying self-motivated when you're basically your own boss.

Take it from this wandering mermaid, despite my Instagram posts, the reality is--I’m not always traveling around without a care in the world. There’s actually a ton of working from home involved. There's countless hours that go into a single blog post; taking the actual adventure, setting up for photos, writing, formatting, and editing content, and then blasting it out on social media. (Phew!)

You can imagine the amount of time spent “leisurely” (pffft) working from my home office. That’s why I hope to help you learn from my experiences, and most importantly...my mistakes.

Read along and discover ways to stay self-motivated when the work from home struggle gets real!

1. Manage Your Schedule: Always create a “To-Do” list that is workable. I confess to adding mindless random tasks to my list just to have something to cross off. I’m a professional procrastinator and I’ve paid the penalty for waiting until the last minute many, many times. If you give yourself a guideline that'll keep you on track throughout the day, you’ll feel more accomplished each time you tick off another task on your list.

2. Wake up and immediately take a shower. You know, take care of the regular hygiene and maintenance that you would to rent your personal space at the office all day. It’s not a good look when your kids return home from their school day to find you still not showered. #Guilty

3. Stop Eating. Being at home all day gives you free reign of the kitchen. Yes, even my son’s fruit snacks are fair game. I recently read something somewhere that was written by a chick who works from home. I cracked up when she confessed that she had to tell herself at noon to put down the wine and put on some pants. I probably started mentally writing this article ever since. Besides, healthy eating habits are key to your overall wellness. Stick to healthy snacks and try to stick to three healthy meals a day.

4. If you work on social media, STAY OFF your personal accounts. This is such a hard one for me. I mean, it’s nice to create a mindless Snapchat story mocking the hard work that I’m not doing when I’m switching back and forth from my Facebook business page to my personal account. But by the end of the day, when I’ve read tons of Turtle Boy articles and drooled over my favorite blog My Life’s A Travel Movie, I honestly get anxiety and end up having to catch up on my actual work when I should be snoozing!

5. Put down the laptop. Seriously. When you're feeling guilty for not having a productive day like you would at the office, and then you wind up sitting at the bar writing a proposal for tomorrow’s deadline, it’s probably a good sign that you should know when to quit for the day. Plan a time similar to when you would pack up and head out of the office, and vow to end your domestic work day right then and there.

6. Switch it up. Take a bit of “me time” to walk outside and embrace your day at home, or even get started on that pile of laundry. This is a hard one because I’m a multitasking mer-mom, so most of the time I have no choice when it comes to fitting in time for domestic duties during my work-from-home flow. If you do decide to take a domestic detour, just be sure it’s not something too time consuming. Ideally, take a break for self-care sake and throw on a soothing facemask. #Winning

7. Actually Stay Home. Don’t plan a supermarket stop in the middle of your day or schedule that dentist appointment you put off for the last month. Take it from me, the day will quickly slip away.

Well there you have it…my raw and honest list of simple suggestions to help you make the most out of working from home!

I challenge you to learn from my mistakes, but keep in mind that we are all beautifully unique students of life. Maybe you like shopping for groceries in your pajamas and stopping to check your cell phone for email alerts during your day away from the office- aka “working from home”. #Nope

Sea Ya Soon,

-Just Beachy Jenny

Your Friendly Neighborhood Wandering Mermaid

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