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Exploring Four Ponds Where Peepers Ring Spring In

Looking for a spot to birdwatch, bike, hike, fish, run, swim, or simply stroll along a woodland wonderland? Wander with me on (or off) the beaten path to some pretty chillin’ trails where the wildlife greets you, and the peepers sing their siren song of spring!

Let’s face it, winter feels like forever here in New England. If you’re anything like this wandering mermaid, then you’re anxious to get out in nature as soon as April arrives.

I set out to explore the shores on a Sunday afternoon in early April and washed up at a perfect spot fit for the whole family…and fur babies, too.

#FollowMyFins over the bridge and through the woods (literally) to the Four Ponds Trails.

The Four Ponds Conservation Area is an old fish hatchery located in the town of Pocasset on Cape Cod. It’s actually connected to the Bourne Town Forest and Monk’s Park Conservation Area.

Fun Fact: Since there’s so many super cool intertwining paths, the locals decided to make things a lot easier and just refer to the entire area as “Four Ponds Trails".

Upon Arrival

There’s a decent size lot in Pocasset where you can park for free at one end, and there’s also an entry way at 58 Valley Bars Road in Bourne, with a few little spots to tuck your car away while you play. I lucked out with hassle-free parking, but you may want to plan ahead when the tourists arrive during peak season.

While You’re Wandering

I prefer summertime hiking best of all, but I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at my first fork in the road.

There’s a lot to be said about springtime adventures here on Cape Cod. It’s as if Mother Nature is opening her eyes, awakening from a winter slumber. Although there’s not as much vibrant, lush forest featured in these photos, the sights and sounds of spring made my mermaid heart sing.

Whether you prefer wandering on wheels or heels, the trails are easy enough to manage for fairly healthy land people. There's also lots of wooden benches if you'd prefer a peaceful spot to sit and chillax', read a book...or your favorite blog. #hehe

I chose to walk rather than work up a sweat or lug my bike around without knowing what to expect.

Just be sure to stay vigilant since there’s roots running wild and free at your feet and there's a decent amount of carnage you may want to avoid...and/or photograph.

If you stick to the mapped-out paths, it’s probably a couple miles from start to finish. If you’re swapping the gym for this experience, then feel free to journey further into the forest to get your heart pumping.

You’ll most likely spot swans gliding along the placid pond, birds chirping a magical melody, woodpeckers creating a beat of their own, and the peepers singing the siren songs of spring.

Click the Video for a Sneak Peepers Peek!

These are the reasons you should set out on a journey exploring Four Ponds Trails and beyond…

You’ll find it easy to navigate around thanks to the well-marked trails and these maps. When I searched online for information on this hidden gem destination, I found a cool New England Mountain biking blogger who revealed an inside tip: not all the trails are marked on the map. There's a lot more to explore if you wander a bit North and into the Bourne Town Forest!

In fact, he suggested using this Strava map instead, which made my scales shimmer since I already use the Strava app on my phone when I run outside in nature!

Mermaid Memos

Keep a watch out for all the local wildlife that claim this beautiful bird sanctuary as their home. You may spot a special species to tick off your #LifeList. If you do spy something out of the ordinary, then you’ve been challenged to report your findings to the Bourne Conservation Trust. You can seamail your spotted species here and they will add them to the local Wildlife List! #Score

To get the most out of your visit, try trekking the different trails. Monk's Park is another two-mile trail you can travel; it's a conservation area that runs parallel to Valley Bars Roads. If it was warm and sunny, I would have stopped at this sweet spot to get my fins wet and swim in fresh water for a change!

What You May See in Season: (According to the Bourne Conservation Trust)

Birds: Blue jay, bufflehead, cardinal, chickadee, bald eagle, goldfinch, house finch, red tail hawk, shinned hawk, great blue heron, mallards, mourning dove, nuthatch, song sparrow, tuffed titmouse, wild turkey, red-headed woodpecker, Canada geese, swan, red-wing Blackbird.

Other Wildlife: Coyote, fox, mouse, chipmunk. opossum, raccoon, skunk, rabbit, black and grey squirrel, deer, ants, winter moths.

Travel Tip: Be sure to bring bug spray. My favorite is Karen's All Natural Tick & Bug Spray made with SIX essentials oils!

What I Saw Off Season: I saw swans gliding along the ponds surface. (Did you know they mate for life?) I heard the siren song of the peepers; a surefire signal that spring has sprung on Cape Cod. I wondered where the hell the woodpecker was hiding.

I got to see more geese, which was no big deal since they are totally common and haunt me at home in the streets. As always, I spotted several squirrels zipping around looking all busy and barely bothered by my presence. I totally WISH I could claim I saw a damn deer! #Tear

Confession: Per usual, I wandered way off the beaten path while chasing the sunset and ended up coming out on the street at the opposite entrance. Since it was almost dark by then, I had to stick to the sidewalks the whole way back to my car. #Fail

I hope you’ll take the time to “sea” how fun and tranquil Four Ponds Trails really is, no matter what time of the year you set out to explore. It’s officially ticked off my list of places to play when I'm in the mood for an outdoor adventure on Cape Cod!

Sea Ya Soon,

-Just Beachy Jenny

Cape Cod Wandering Mermaid

"Inspiring Your Just Beachy Lifestyle”


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