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Gettin' Hooked on the Cape Cod Canal

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Let me tell you a tale about the day that I caught a 26 pound striped bass from a slippery mussel bed along the rocky shores of the Cape Cod Canal

Whether you fish for the fun of it, the fight, fresh food for dinner, or you make a living from it-adventure always awaits you!

Super Early Sunrise = Successful Cape Cod Canal Fishing

I’m not always an eager early riser, but I’m willing to get up with the birds if it means wandering off-the-beaten path for a beautiful seaside sunrise. #AdventureTime

I took to the hook after a coveted invite from a local experienced fisherman, boasting and posting from his secret seasonal spot.

You’ll know when it’s time to go when your social media feeds fill with videos of huge fish feats, usually on super early summer mornings, right about the time when tourists are flooding the shorelines.

Local Tip: Native anglers rarely post photos of their secret spots—they refer to it as a “spot burn” …so you’re welcome for this little insider tip.

Anyway, I grabbed my gear and claimed my real estate at a hidden spot. I pulled off the highway, parked on the side of the road, walked along the train tracks into the woods and down a dirt staircase, and then clambered over slippery rocks to my final fishing destination.

I‘d only fished in fresh water so saltwater fishing on the tides’ time was a new experience. Despite my failed attempts at merely casting past the mussel bed (in waders and not-so sexy boots) my fishing friend assured me I’d get the hang of it soon enough.

I just had to pay attention to the signals, he said; like seagulls swarming overhead in pursuit of a hearty breakfast and bait fish schooling at my feet running from predators.

Once the fog robbed me of a picturesque sunrise about an hour later, I started to think maybe mermaids weren’t meant to fish in the sea. #Sigh

Fast forward one week later...

I followed my new local fisherman friend and trekked back to the secret spot. After sitting in the dark for a couple of hours, the sun started peeking over the Sagamore Bridge at about 5am, and the sights and sounds of a would-be blitz appeared right before my eyes.

I saw signs of bait fish bursting to the surface as the larger fish were right on their tails. As the birds began diving in on the scared little bait fish, I took hold of my rod like a true boss babe.

Within minutes, I felt a tell-tale tug on the end of my line.

Suddenly I was pulled closer to the water’s edge as my pole bent and my reel screamed. I had NO idea how the heck I was going to get this freakin’ fish out of the water while it was swimming against the swirling canal currents!

After about a five-minute fight and thanks to my calm and collected fisherman coach, I reeled in a HUGE striped bass. My legs felt like jello and my whole body was trembling!

It was enormous!

I learned a few fishing tips from one of Cape Cod’s finest anglers that day; like why my fish was given a small, neat piercing to the heart…a humane way to prepare for when I brought it home to meet a fate on my dinner plate.

Naturally, I posted my catch on Facebook and waited for the "likes" and comments to pour in. I wandered over to my favorite local bait shop, M&D’s Cape Cod Tackle, and weighed my catch of the day.

As you can see (after my second infamous catch) I even forgot about the not-so-sexy attire I was wearing when the owner took a photo of me with my fish score; a badas* 26 pound striped bass. I was on some kind of fish high for the rest of day!

My photo was posted on Cape Cod Tackle Facebook page, and I was instantly feeling a little bit like a local celebrity. Yup, that’s right...I gloated in my fish fame all day, soaking up all the compliments and amazed comments from local fishermen and my shocked friends and family.

I was instantly hooked on fishing!

BONUS: Video Footage->Click Here & Check out my fish fight on Youtube!

Self sustainable mermaids are pretty amazing! Take it from me, there’s something survivor-like about personally pulling a fish out of the water and onto your plate. #Winning

Have you ever reeled in your own precious prize or do you have fishing plans on the horizon?

Be "shore" to enjoy the fight... even if you choose to catch and release!


Coming Soon: Stay Tuned for spring seabass fishing adventures near and far as we kick off the spring season!

Happy Hooking!

Sea Ya Soon,

-Just Beachy Jenny

Cape Cod Wandering Mermaid

"Inspiring Your Just Beachy Lifestyle”

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