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Solo Sandbar SUP Adventure

Updated: May 14, 2019

Is the ocean your playground? Do you feel at peace whenever you’re near, on, or in the water? If you find yourself feeling your entire mood change with the tide, then you’re most likely a wandering mermaid at heart.

Whether you enjoy floating around, kayaking, or catching killer waves, you’ll want to give stand-up-paddle boarding a try.

What’s SUP? Just the Basics.

I'll start by throwing a disclaimer out there:

I could spend an entire month writing Stand Up Paddle Boarding how-to guides and still have so much left to cover. Let’s just explain it in a very basic seashell for every mermaid to understand: Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) is essentially a surfboard that you stand on and use a paddle to get around with.

Yes, I realize I may have just stepped on some fins by saying that, but for the sake of those who have never even heard of SUP before, I’m gonna go ahead and take that chance.

It’s not all that hard once you get your balance and learn how to hold your paddle; I truly feel like most land people that give it a try end up getting the hang of it pretty quick.

How about if I told you that once you get rid of your sea legs you’ll mostly likely be able to paddle all around like a pro?

If you think I’m nuts because you can barely ride a bike, then I’d suggest you go ahead and take lessons. If you’re already renting a board, there’s most likely someone around to show you what's sup (see what I just did there?).

A quick Google search will prove there’s an entire community of experienced SUP peeps chillin’ on Cape Cod waiting for your call.

My one suggestion? Don’t take yourself too seriously.

It’s okay if you feel silly trying to get on board, you don’t have to look like a pro. Just have fun and be grateful if you can stay afloat because like anything else, the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Once you start paddling further out to sea, you’ll be ready to grab your lifejacket and leash, throw on your backpack, and strap your cooler to your board for an awesome adventure on the water!

#FollowMyFins to a sandbar that’s only fully accessible during low tide!

SUP Sandbar Journey

I pack up all my essential gear: paddle, leash, lifejacket, pack back cooler, Karen’s all-natural tick and bug spray, sunscreen, towel, West Marine waterproof bag for my phone, polarized Slyk Shades, and a few other safety and survival items that I’ll share with you in another blog coming soon. (You can also click here and shop all my featured gear)

I embark on my journey from Swift’s Neck Beach located in the good ol’ gateway to Cape Cod. You guessed it: Wareham, MA.

I like to set out right after the tide turns so I can explore the shore when the sandbar is fully exposed. I love when I time it just right during a full moon high tide and I catch the sunset as I glide along the surface of the sea. It’s about a one-mile paddleboard workout, just in case you need a reason to skip out on the gym.

As soon as I wash ashore and secure my board, I usually crack a beer and then dive in for a swim to get my tail wet. As you can see, it’s a beachcomber’s paradise. I almost always leave with a beautiful piece of sea glass and several hand selected shells to add to my garden decor collection.

Sometimes, I even camp solo overnight!

Okay- before you hit me with the concerned lecture, “That’s not safe for a woman to do all alone, Jenny Lee,” please, save the sweet lecture. I assure you, the well prepared mermaid can do anything she sets out to accomplish!

Anyway, you may have heard that SUP can be somewhat of a solo sport and sometimes I even prefer it that way, but it surely doesn’t have to be. I’ve brought a kayaking friend along before and it was a whole lot of fun when the tide rolled right up near my tent at night!

There’s also nothin’ quite like being water locked out on a sandbar with a good friend sharing travel tales by a campfire.

Rather than me telling you how badass this adventure really is—how about you follow my fins, scroll along, and take a virtual journey through awesome photos?

Explore the ruins of old beachside cottages...

Discover Driftwood as tall as me...

Trees decorated with conch shells by fellow sandbar explorers...

Breathtaking sandbar sunsets that will brighten up your screen...

Oh, and if you wanna crush it on Instagram…do yourself a favor and set sail to the sandbar to snap some of your own stunning shots.

Mermaid Memo: As always, respect our beautiful earth--leave no sign behind but your fin-prints.

I’ll catch ya out on the sandbar!

Sea Ya Soon,

-Just Beachy Jenny

Cape Cod Wandering Mermaid

"Inspiring Your Just Beachy Lifestyle"

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