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Spring Into Fitness at the Cape Cod Canal

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Who else is waiting to say so long to whacky winter weather and hello to sunshine, sandy feet, salty hair, and swimsuit season?

Yes, I know…some of us dread shedding our threads and showing some skin. That's why I'm writing today; I hope this travel tale inspires you to take time out for self care and embrace the warmer weather by making it your most active time of the year.

Keep in mind, Mermaids are marvelous no matter what shape or size, and no two tails are ever alike. Why not help each other find fun ways to love the fins we’re in?

Sure, easier said than done right? Not so much!

All you need is the right setting, and I have the perfect location in mind:

The Cape Cod Canal

Really though, it’s no secret that a daily dose of exercise invigorates your mind, body and soul, creating a mermaid mindset to slay to day. Read along for fitness feels from one of my favorite seaside spots to get my sweat on.

The Cape Cod Canal is the perfect place to wander once the New England weather isn't as “arctic”—since it is only a mere two weeks before springtime!

In A Seashell

Whether you’re on Cape Cod for a day or a stay, you won’t want to miss out on a trip to the Cape Cod Canal. It’s about a 7-mile-long man-made waterway that traverses the narrow neck of land joining Cape Cod to the mainland. It’s truly a sight to sea!

No big deal... just a picture perfect scene along my Cape Cod Canal run.

(**TRAVEL TIP: Check out the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce to learn more about the canal history. Be sure to take advantage of their Interactive Visitor's Center that's educational and fun for ALL ages!**)

Like so many fellow native mermaids I was lucky enough to spend my summers on Cape Cod and the surrounding islands. As a little mermaid, I mostly rode my bike and (tried) to rollerblade the paved paths of the coveted canal. Now that I’m much “wiser” and I’ve got more tales to tell (aka I’m older), it’s my go-to destination for some outdoor fitness fun.


I usually start my journey in Bourne at the scenic Buzzards Bay Railroad Bridge entrance for killer views of the Sagamore Bridge.

If I'm in beast mode then I try to run or jog as far as possible.

Sometimes, I'll even push myself to run up and down the staircases along the way to get my heart rate up. Just keep in mind the fact that you still have to turn right around and travel back, if you're parked in the lot, anyway.

OK, I’ll admit that I don’t always get my sweat on though; it really just depends on my mood.

Any time spent in nature always makes me feel refreshed, so take it from this wandering mermaid, the Cape Cod Canal feels like a personal slice of coastal paradise...even if you opt to sit and chill on one of the bences you'll see along the way. #LoveWhereYouLive

Budget Travel Bonus:

It’s FREE!

Oh, and bring your cell phone (or fancy DSLR) to snap shots of the most spectacular sunrise and sunsets that will score you serious "likes" on the Gram. #DoItForTheGram

I’ve definitely just stopped at the canal for stunning sungazing. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a seal or two swimming through the swirling canal currents that change direction every six hours!

Some of my most memorable moments though? When I have my teenage boy in tow and we hop on our bikes and ride off like we’re exploring a vacation destination. It makes for those kinds of memories that all my fellow mer-moms are nodding their heads to right about now.

Go ahead-- scroll through the photos and see why you should consider the Cape Cod Canal a spot to visit for a salty, seaside sweat session! (Ok fine--or a shameless spot to eat your ice cream.)

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Sea Ya Soon,

-Just Beachy Jenny

Your Friendly Neighborhood Wandering Mermaid

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