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Wander to Wellfleet Cape Cod for Wellness

Wanna wander to where the earth crumbles to the sea? Then I’ve got a travel tale that will tempt you to explore a path to peace- of-mind that you’re sure to find in Wellfleet on the dunes of Cape Cod...

Wellfleet is home to my favorite shores to explore when I want to wander where all my worries wash away as I play in the waves on the tide’s time; where every-day chaos is drowned out by the calming sound of the pounding surf.

The rhythmic ebb and flow of nature soothes my soul the same way that music helps to heal a broken heart.

This is what I call Wellfleet Wellness...

Why You Should Wander to Wellfleet for Wellness

Whether you’re reading along in search of seaside serenity spots, playing hooky from daily domestic duties, making family fun beach memories, or you’re just here for a free guide to adventures on Cape Cod and hidden gem destinations, just know that nature has paved a perfect path to peace for whoever dares to wander the beaches of Wellfleet.

Make Memories: I’m a single mom to an amazing teenage boy, but let’s be real, it’s not always cool to be caught chillin’ with mom all day. Although whenever I offer him a day of riding waves in Wellfleet, he’s usually down for the adventure...with or without a friend in tow. We wander wayyyy off-the-beaten path and pass right on by all the rainbow-colored umbrellas until we find the perfect secluded spot to drop our gear and play the day away in the summer sun.

Since he’s not always a fan of trekking back up the mighty sand dune path to the parking lot, I bribe him with a catch-of-the-day dinner at the Beachcomber; my absolute favorite spot to catch a killer sunset over Cahoon Hollow Beach! (More on that below)

Time with your kiddos making precious memories = Priceless!

Adventure Awaits: Are you an adventurous spirit that seeks the sweet vulnerable feeling that washes over you as you carelessly stroll on by the “Shark Safety” warning signs posted on every outer Cape Cod beach? I tend to wash up oceanside on my boogie board more often than I hang harbor-side in Wellfleet because I legit dream of seeing a shark one day.

If you’re anything like me then you’re fascinated by sharks that come to Cape Cod to feast on the abundant seal population all summer long. Are you into tracking sharks on Cape Cod with the FREE Sharktivity app (thanks to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy), and do you get excited when a notification pops up because swimming is temporarily banned on Marconi Beach due to a shark snacking on a seal nearby, yet...you're still not afraid to swim at your own risk?!

If so—then you’re seeking a rush that not many mermaids can claim. You're basically a fearless boss babe and you should hit me up for an epic adventure!

No Shell Phone Service: Most of the time I’m traveling around Wellfleet my phone has no signal—it’s nature's way of helping me unplug and get grounded. Instead of answering emails and posting on social media, why not try to embrace your inner child and play freely in the sand and sea? #Mermaiding at its finest!

Play in the sand: I always feel at peace when doing something creative. That’s why I found a way to make “work” part of my wellness journey. I spend time snapping shots to share my favorite brands and businesses that are making waves on Cape Cod.

I pack my Couture Planet recycled newspaper clutch full of locally crafted gems, trek down the dunes to a stranded sand art creation, and set up a mini display for your viewing pleasure.

A perfect beach day definitely demands time playing in the sand! Why not build a sandcastle or a coastal creation? It's a free activity whether you're solo or you've got the family in tow. #BudgetTravel

Read & Relax: Grab yourself a book, newspaper, or magazine and bury your fins in the sand. While eagerly turning the pages of the latest book by my favorite author, Elin Hilderbrand, I imagine drifting away to Nantucket where I'm a character caught up in a sizzling summer drama. Hey, I'm a hopeless romantic at heart. #Guilty

What's better than reading a book by the sea and glancing up to watch the seals peacefully playing in the waves?

Beachcombing: The breathtaking view of the mighty sand dunes that seem to endlessly cascade and crumble down to the sea always helps me leave my worries behind like my fin-prints. It’s important we find ways to remind ourselves how much we have to be grateful for; that’s why I love to wander along the shoreline splashing at the water’s edge, combing the beach in search of washed up treasures to add to my sea glass/seashell collections back home. I promise you'll feel thankful and blessed during those serene seaside moments.

Seaside Dining/Shopping: Once the sun starts to set behind the massive dunes, I grab my gear and head back up to "The Comah" for a grilled chicken sandwich and a frozen Miami Vice adult beverage. #Winning

Wellfleet Beachcomber, better known to the locals as "The Comah" is one of my favorite one-stop-spots to explore all the wonders of Cape Cod National Seashore. If you’re looking to experience the Cape Cod lifestyle like a local, then this is the perfect oceanside dining destination. There’s even a little retail (therapy) shop to score a souvenir to keep your memories alive all year round!

Travel Tip: If you want to snag a spot in the town lot with a killer sand dune view, then prepare to arrive early enough to beat the crowds. If not, then you'll either end up paying $20 to park in the back lot (which is worth every cent since it can be used as a credit in the beach shop and/or restaurant!) or you'll have to park at another beach lot further down the road and take a shuttle bus to the Beachcomber.

Who's ready to wander to Wellfleet for wellness?

"Sea" how awesome it really is in my photos below. I'm literally posing right in front of my car in the parking lot at the top of the sand dunes rockin' my Official Mermaid Gear #GetNauti racerback tank and my favorite Cape Cod Map Clutch!

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Sea Ya Soon,

-Just Beachy Jenny

Cape Cod Wandering Mermaid

"Inspiring Your Just Beachy Lifestyle"

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